I didn’t really know why I was going to see Jeff as I would of been a bit skeptical if I was being honest. A bit of peer pressure from a good friend of mine led me to Jeff. I really had no expectations and...

 Sarah Doolan – Tipperary

As I struggled internally, everything on the outside became incredibly overwhelming. I had been suffering with gastric reflux for years which began to get progressively worse over time. Despite numerous doctor’s visits, an endoscopy, blood tests, food intolerance testing and medication, I never got relief from the problem. It had gotten to the point where I was vomiting after every

 Valda – Student, Kerry

The pain Valda was in was unbelievable and it started progressively getting worse. Literally within a half an hour of seeing Jeff she said ‘Mom, my legs are actually not shaking anymore’. It’s like a miracle really for me, it’s like a miracle and I haven’t looked back since that day. It has been

Amanda O’ Shea – Canada

Jeff- "I need your help". That was all I had to say and knew I was going to get exactly what I asked for. Jeff has helped me on more than one occasion to figure out ehat was going on internally. I manage a lot of people and am always 'on'. I find it hard to switch off and

Liviya – Kerry

Hi world!!   My name is Liviya and I'd like to tell you my story. I'm nearly three years old now. I'm strong, healthy and happy but before I was born my Mammy's heart was sad and her spirit was low. Jeff helped my Mammy to believe in the possibilities that she had given up on, the possibility of being a mammy

Bruce Lawson – Kruger National Park, South Africa

I was in the Kruger National Park in South Africa in January 2014 when my back started playing up. It got so bad I was considering cancelling a walking holiday in Australia in a few months time. I had heard about Jeff and I knew Jeff provided distant treatments as part of his service. I contacted Jeff’s clinic in Ireland and asked if there was anything Jeff could do or let me know if it was a bone problem or something I could sort out myself. Jeff’s clinic scheduled a distance treatment appointment for me to take place later in the

Mia and Aishling O’Shea – Kerry

Mia was being referred to an ADHD team for behavioural reasons which were worsening in school by the day. She had also had noise sensitivity. I had brought my younger daughter Robyn to Jeff previously for other reasons and found amazing results with her from the treatment. We decided to use an alternative route again with Jeff instead of going down the CAHMS - HSE road with Mia to see if he could help, and my goodness he did. I would 100% recommend him to people in a similar

Sarah Dillon – Galway

“Thank you so so much Jeff for giving us our lives back pain free...”   I went to see Jeff last November 2017 with sinus problems. I am very happy to say this problemis now a thing of the past.My daughter who had “RA” Rheumatoid Arthritis for 6 years previous also visited him in March 2018. Since her visit she is off all medication and has had no pain since. This in itself is truly amazing. Thank you so so much Jeff for giving us our lives back pain free. We will be forever

  Barry McMahon – USA

I remember the knock on my apartment door four years ago. It was a worried friend. watching the drink and drugs for almost thirteen years, was starting to make him fearful for my life. The progression was leading me to a darker hole with each swallow. Often thinking of taking my own soul from my weak body, I thought there was no hope for me. Crying like a baby , I thanked him from the bottom of my heart as he handed me his phone. The loving voice on the other end was my mother back in Ireland. The ultimatum was laid out, once and for all, Rehab or Ireland? Being so weak and full of depression, I was glad to return home for some much needed family

The Staffords – Clare

Dear Jeff, We feel an ordinary thank you would be completely inadequate for all you have done for our family, so we felt we should write you this letter to share our experience with anyone who may be thinking of visiting you as you have had quite the impact on our