Norma – Clare

Firstly I would like to say how committed Jeff is to his work, one thing I’ve come to learn from observing him work is that when he is treating be it a person or animal he does so with 100% of his heart. He really lives from this and really wants the best life possible for both people and animals. It really is quite unbelievable how he can get to the root of the issues he faces every day, the way he can pinpoint the cause of the problem and explain to people why they are suffering is amazing to

Emily Lynch – Clare

I collected my daughter Emily from school as I always do and there has never been any major issue in doing so until one day a number of months ago. One day as she got into the car she complained of very bad pain in her leg that had been at her all day in school. I asked her had she fallen over of hit her leg off something that day to which she replied no. She told me that she told the teacher her leg was sore and the class started laughing at her saying her leg was not sore. She was very