“Everyone can change whether they believe it or not”

“Until you become conscious of your unconscious patterns they will forever be what controls your life…

but they don’t have to be”

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What is most important to understand is that the mind and body must be connected and must communicate in an effective way. Knowing more about yourself at this deeper level can only set you free from what you may not even know is there. Jeff’s mission is to help you begin to understand your deeper truth, to know your true self and to be who you really are..



This approach has changed people’s lives and some have been kind enough to share their stories with us.

Some of our Stories…

Some of our friends have been kind enough to share their experiences with Jeff…

Nicola Chaplin

Barber, Broadford

…no matter if he’s on a mountain on the other side of the world, when either myself or Luke needed him, without fail he gets us back on track. Jeff is born to help people…reach there full potential… thank you so much… more


Student, Kerry

Literally within a half an hour of seeing Jeff, Valda said ‘Mom, my legs are actually not shaking anymore’. It’s like a miracle really for me, the pain Valda was in was unbelievable… I haven’t looked back since that day… more



As I struggled internally, everything on the outside became incredibly overwhelming. I had been suffering with gastric reflux for years which began to get progressively worse over time….more

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