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    Distance treatments are another very easy and effective way to avail of Jeff’s work.

    Jeff has been treating people from all corners of the world with this method since the beginning. This makes his work available to all people no matter where they are in the world. This is extremely important and helpful for a lot of people, especially those that may not be able to travel long distances due to other commitments and time restrictions, be too sick to travel or cannot make the physical journey for whatever reason.

    What makes this possible

    As energy and your mind are not bound by the laws of space or time and all matter is made up of energy then by this understanding working on a person energetically can occur from any place at any time.

    If the body is matter and matter is made of energy then by working with the energy it can effect matter and the body.

    How it works:

    How it works is simple. Once the treatment has been requested and the allotted date and time scheduled, all that is required is a recent photo of the person and their consent.

    What to do:

    During the treatment we ask that the client be resting for the allotted time and to refrain from driving, cycling or using any heavy machinery.

    It is most effective if the client simply sits comfortably and rests.

    What to expect:

    Following the treatment you will receive a detailed report of Jeff’s findings explaining things in detail and also any advice that he deems important for you to know going forward.


    Jeff has helped thousands of people remotely in this way and believes that for most people it is a more effective way of accessing the unconscious energy system.


    When a person is relaxing in their own comfortable known surroundings the conscious mind relaxes and slows down a lot more than it would in a clinic setting and this allows the nervous system and brain to relax.

    This allows for easier access to unconscious energetic information that Jeff can access and work on during the treatment.


    Children and infants are especially sensitive to this modality of work and Jeff has found children and infants to benefit greatly by working with their energy systems remotely.

    Children up to the age of around 6 years are in a Theta brain wave which is already a lower and more suggestible state of consciousness making it easier for them to adapt to this work.

    “The only limitations we hold are those in our mind,
    If you don’t mind they won’t matter”