Over the years we have observed many incredible transformations that people have gone through following this work. One very interesting part of this process is what we refer to as the “detox period“.


It is quite common for people to report that following a treatment they feel great for a week or so and then suddenly feel exhausted for a few days, some people report flu like symptoms for a short time after, others have reported that they feel an incredible increase in energy right away and some people feel nothing at all. As you can see here, everyone is different and everyone’s experience will be unique to them.


The reason for these changes come down to a shift in frequency or energy within the body. As the nervous system receives more energy it can now begin to bring about balance within the body as this is the main role of the nervous system – homeostasis.


When the cells of the body get an increase in energy they begin to adapt to this new environment and begin to detoxify the old stagnant energy and toxins from them allowing for transformation of the cells. This is called healing.


As this occurs we feel different to how we have been feeling all along. This is called change and as this change is new to the body it can feel a little uncomfortable and unpredictable.
We must remember that for something new to occur in our lives it cannot come from the predictable known, it must come from the unpredictable un-known and this feels uncomfortable or in other words un-familiar.



These changes are similar to a biological upgrade and are a very important and required stage in a person’s evolution.

Infants and Children

Being so young they have yet to accumulate the unconscious programs, stresses and toxins that we as adults have built up over our life experiences. This can often make it a lot quicker to effect change within a child as their nervous system is a lot more receptive to change. In the same breath they too can have their own type of detox which is as equally important and necessary. When a child’s nervous system gets an energetic upgrade they too can experience changes for a little while after a treatment, some of which can display as: upset sleep, hyperactivity even fatigue for a short time.


What’s most important to know here is that these are all signs of change and are both very important and necessary.