Children’s Health

A subject I hold very dear to my heart is the subject of children’s health.

In this ever increasingly busy world it can become difficult for some to manage the tasks of daily living, work, stress and children all at the same time and this is very understandable.
Children often find themselves in the care of their grandparents, a nanny, a crèche and sometimes in day care centres while their parents are at work. This makes perfect sense for those extremely busy parents and helps them in a huge way to strike some sense of balance in their lives.

This separation, although it may be for very good reasons and with only the best intentions can have an effect on young children as they thrive when in the company of their parents and especially being nurtured by their mother who that child has a very strong bond with on many levels other than the physical one.
What I have found and noticed in the children I have had the pleasure of working with is that there is a vital element of their systems that is often on the low side and not at an optimum level.

This element is in the area of their electrical system.
There are 3 parts to this system that we concern ourselves with most.
The – Meridian system.
– Chakra system.
– Auric Fields.

If a child has a compromised electrical system due to any reason be it birth shock, trauma in Utero, Toxic shock, antibiotics etc., this can cause the child’s unconscious mind to imprint upon it a state of shock and in response to this the child’s stress hormones can increase.

This can happen in the womb, during birth or anytime afterwards. The important part to note is that if there is shock imprinted on a child’s unconscious mind then the child’s life will be forever governed by that shock until such time as the shock is released from the mind.

This ongoing shock that can go unnoticed by doctors, parents and even the child themselves will always rear its head to the surface at some point in some way shape or form, most often in the form of rage.

I have seen a dramatic increase in children dealing with temper tantrums, anger issues, hyperactivity, Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD to name but a few.
I have found with all of these children that each one of them for unique reasons have an incredible amount of unprocessed shock imprinted on their unconscious minds and their stress response is activated twenty four hours a day.

This will prevent proper sleep, the ability to relax and be present, the ability to focus and hold their attention and it can get to a point where wetting the bed, nightmares, and outbursts of sweating from the head may become a common sight.

This constant need to burn off adrenaline that these children need to do puts a huge strain on not only them but also on their parents and teachers.
The issue can become compounded then when a caring teacher may feel the child is not concentrating in class and may be disrupting the other students. This can lead to a whole line of events and labels that can really damage a child’s ability to evolve.

I have found that by correcting the underlying shock and trauma that the child’s unconscious mind is playing over and over again that the reasons for the increased stress hormones subside and the child begins to relax and process its environment efficiently again.

We must remember that a child may not be able to communicate with its peers on a level that we understand so they will try to explain themselves and how they feel in other ways, this can be through, biting, screaming, wetting themselves, scratching, banging their heads on the wall and many many other ways that may look very scary to us older and so called wiser adults.

Please try to understand that they are yet to learn how to speak in adult terms but we have also forgotten how to communicate in child’s terms, remember we were once children ourselves. It is very important to know that this is not and never was your fault, it is what it is and that’s how simple it should be. Blaming oneself will not help your child but understanding your child’s method of communication will.

If you can re learn the symbolic language of how to read these signs then your child will be better able to tell you what’s going on and you will be very quickly able to help them.

An expression of anger outwardly can be the representation of deep seated anger imprinted on the unconscious mind. If we are an expression of what we are on the inside then we must go inward to find the answers.

I have seen what most would call miracles in my clinic everyday with children but once you begin to understand how the mind works and how it actually governs the body, you will see what looked like a miracle was in fact the natural course of action to the person’s self, all we ever need to do to instigate healing is to step out of our own way and allow it to happen.