Emily Lynch – Clare

I collected my daughter Emily from school as I always do and there has never been any major issue in doing so until one day a number of months ago. One day as she got into the car she complained of very bad pain in her leg that had been at her all day in school. I asked her had she fallen over of hit her leg off something that day to which she replied no. She told me that she told the teacher her leg was sore and the class started laughing at her saying her leg was not sore. She was veryupset.

As we sat down for dinner she was in excruciating pain to the point where her face had turned bright red. I literally could not even touch her leg with the tip of my finger as the pain she screamed was too much.


At this stage I really began to panic as I had no clue what was wrong with her. I started to make plans to rush her to the hospital so I called my mam and dad who came up to the house straight away. They too had no idea what could be going on and by now Emily was roaring with pain.


Before we were about to leave for the hospital I called Jeff to see if he was nearby and could he help in anyway. Thankfully he was in the area and he was at the house within 15 minutes.


When Jeff walked into the kitchen where Emily was lying on the couch she was in an awful way, the top of her thigh had completely locked and gone into spasm, she could not even bend her leg now. Her face was extremely red and the sweat was beading off her face.


Jeff walked over to her very calmly and sat down on the couch beside her and as the five of us all looked on in hysterics he began to talk to her about school and this caught her attention.


I honestly did not think there was anything he could do for her as this was a very real physical issue and she was inconsolable with the pain. I really thought we would be spending the night in the hospital, all of a sudden there it was, and he hit the nail on the head. He began to speak with her about how she was getting on in school? How she felt about the people in her class? And as he got more and more specific about a certain class she was in Emily began to pay a lot of attention to what he was saying.


He then asked her about a person who sat behind her, he even picked the specific seat in which this person sat and what happened next was incredible.


As he spoke, her leg began to soften and the pain began to subside, he then changed the subject and started talking about our dog who was also in the room watching this unfold, within no more than 5 minutes Emily was walking around the house getting ready to go to the shop with her Nana to buy some sweets. We were all a little shocked at how quick and how different Emily felt, it was like she never had the pain in the first place. She came back from the shop with a bar of chocolate for Jeff and said thank you. She has never once had an issue with her legs since and has not even mentioned it. She is a very happy little girl.


I was so thankful Jeff had been close by that evening and to witness him work and help my daughter like that was quite amazing.


Thank you Jeff.