Norma – Clare

Firstly I would like to say how committed Jeff is to his work, one thing I’ve come to learn from observing him work is that when he is treating be it a person or animal he does so with 100% of his heart. He really lives from this and really wants the best life possible for both people and animals. It really is quite unbelievable how he can get to the root of the issues he faces every day, the way he can pinpoint the cause of the problem and explain to people why they are suffering is amazing towitness.

I personally witnessed this when I went to see him myself. I had a condition called sarcoidosis which made it very difficult for me to breath and caused a lot of severe pain in my lungs. I had to be on a lot of steroids and medications for this issue which really only gave me temporary relief.


Jeff explained very quickly the reasons why I was suffering with this condition but what he identified as the true cause of the issue was something I honestly could not comprehend. I never even thought it was possible but 24 hrs later after a night of broken sleep my pain disappeared.


I honestly felt like someone had lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders before the session had even ended but to my delight ALL my pain disappeared.


I have not looked back since, health and attitude wise.


He helped me realize that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and all goals in life are achievable.


I also asked Jeff to work on my horse who was quite anxious and stressed to a point where it was very difficult to ride her comfortably.


Watching him work with her was absolutely amazing, I had never seen anything like it before and I have worked with horse my whole life, she responded to him straight away and after only 30 minutes she completely changed. He could even detect a spinal vertebrae subluxation she had trouble with and we had trouble correcting. He told us what he was doing as he worked and when it came to the spine he just barely placed his hand on where the issue was and she jumped about 2 feet into the air, he then told us that it was now back in place. She has not had an issue there since. She was the most relaxed I’ve ever seen her in a matter of minutes. I followed his instructions that he asked me to follow for a few days and now she is like a different animal. Things that were a hassle for her before are very hassle free both riding and handling since. She is an extremely happy horse.


Jeff’s work really needs to be seen to be believed, I have great faith in him and what he can do and feel privileged to have witnessed the extraordinary work he did for both me and my horse.


Thank you so much.