Are you feeling overwhelmed? Does it seem like there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? You’re exhausted, emotional, can’t sleep and everything is going the wrong way. Well you’re not alone. The majority or people I see in the clinic feel this way and once they understand the deeper workings of their mind and body they no longer wonder why.
If you can imagine your life like an olympic sized swimming pool and every day you live you remove one teaspoon of water from that pool, well this is like the physical body, the conscious part.
From this picture we can safely say it would take a very long time to empty that pool, right?
Now imagine that every day you take out one teaspoon of water, the hole at the bottom of the pool that you don’t know about leaks 1 litre of water unknowns to you.
The pool won’t be long emptying now will it. The hole in the bottom of the pool is the unconscious part and this is where all the deep seated emotions, traumas in life, fears and worries reside.
This is why most people feel overwhelmed. They physically aren’t doing much to account for being overwhelmed but when the unconscious mind is so busy trying to process everything else the energy runs out and life begins to become a struggle. Everything gets on top of us and this is when it looks like everything else starts to go wrong.
The issue here is that the unconscious mind is constantly working and does exactly what it is told but most of us are not even aware what it is, not to mention what it is doing. So when we have emotions and worries to process, the mind does so 24hrs a day even when we sleep. This is why so many people wake up tired as their minds are still working all night long.
Can you see now why your swimming pool might be getting empty. Can you see now why you’re feeling overwhelmed, fed up and tired all the time?
When we find out what is going on at that deeper part of your mind and show how you can clear it and get your power back, it is like somebody repairs that hole in the swimming pool and fills it up with new fresh water again.
Just remember it’s never just what you are doing physically but what you are doing unconsciously that determines how your body and life functions.