Kathleen Stack – Kerry

In March 2012 I presented to the doctor with extreme tiredness and feelings of nausea.  My liver function results revealed a virus in the liver.  The following October it appeared to trigger an autoimmune condition and premature menopause.  The hope was that this condition would “burn out” and the medication would mask the symptoms.  A year later,   I met Jeff at a time when medicine was finding it difficult to treat my symptoms.  The prescribed drugs exacerbated my condition and I believed the diagnosis was too vague despite visiting three different specialists.  I refused to take any further treatment without a definite diagnosis and I took sick leave from work torecover.

On the day I visited Jeff my symptoms were severe lack of energy once I was upright, feelings of nausea and arthritic type pains.  My neighbor asked me to take the appointment.  I had no expectations.  Jeff inquired about an emotional event 4 years previously.  The birth of my second child was the alleged trigger, which made sense to me.  In the evening, I joked with my husband that my pains were not so severe.  However, the next morning I truly believed things were different. My face color had been deathly and my eyes were deadpan.  I didn’t like looking at my image anymore because it demonstrated a lack of health.  However, the image before me that morning was that of a healthy person with life in my eyes.  The pains slowly subsided and my energy returned.  I was 70% right! I revisited Jeff twice more after that. Then, in April I returned to work and my pains returned 4 months later, I again visited Jeff who explained exactly why the pain had returned and again the pain subsided within a week.  I am healthy, back at work and can barely remember a time that I ever felt ill. I am very grateful that I was offered an alternative to medicine and that it worked.  I now, recognize the power of the unconscious mind and I am very appreciative of the work Jeff does.  My immediate and extended family have all visited Jeff because of the almost miracle transformation they saw in me and they too, have benefited.


Thank you Jeff.