Emma Bouchard – Canada

Almost 20 years of depression, anxiety and anger were affecting me physically and mentally and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be happy.


I saw a post online about Jeff being in Canada and his work so I decided to go and see him. The moment I met him I felt immediately at ease. Once he began speaking things really started to make sense. He was able to detect a number of events in my life that I had hardly given a moment’s notice to and pinpointed them as the reasons why I felt the way Idid.

The first thing I noticed was on the drive home, I could breathe properly again. Within a few days my depression was gone, my anxiety had ceased and my digestion had greatly improved. I also have a lot more energy. Nearly 12 months on and I’ve never felt as good. I also brought my daughter to see Jeff who had a problem with excessive bed wetting.  This has also completely stopped since meeting Jeff.


Thanks you for everything Jeff.