How many times have you heard of couples trying so hard for so long to get pregnant only to be disappointed when it doesn’t work out the way they planned? They can become so upset, confused and disheartened that they decide to stop trying.
It is then however that we often hear of so many women becoming pregnant out of the blue.

You see this very decision to “stop trying” actually allows the body to relax a lot more to the point that the body and mind can work more effectively and for a lot of people to the point where they do conceive.

Now to be clear this isn’t as simple as saying to a couple who so lovingly want a baby to stop trying, this will most certainly not help them and can in fact cause unnecessary stress and friction.

Understanding how the mind and body work in relation to conception and childbirth is far more effective in helping couples proceed.

Apart from the physical process of conceiving a child there are also other factors to consider.
The human body has both a conscious and an unconscious aspect to it.
The conscious mind is the part that allows a person to think of what he/she wants to happen and the unconscious mind is the part that aids in our life forming process.
So if a person wants to get pregnant and the unconscious mind is not in alignment with this request then it can be very difficult for that reality to happen.
I have worked with quite a few people who have had children before but could not seem to have another no matter how hard they tried.
“Trying very hard” being the operative phrase here.
For example, If a woman for some reason doubts that she can get pregnant or even worries about that possibility then the emotional charge of these thoughts can affect the process quite dramatically as this information can become imprinted on the unconscious mind.
This occurs because the most emotional thoughts you have go straight through to the unconscious mind.
So from this you can easily see that as pregnancy is such an emotionally charged event in a person’s life it is very easy to install the wrong information on that deeper mind.
If you are trying to get pregnant ask yourself this question.
Do you spend more time thinking about being pregnant or do you spend more time thinking about the requirements for pregnancy to be successful and what if it doesn’t work out?
Believe it or not most people are thinking about the latter and may not even realise it.
They may want to get pregnant consciously but due to any number of reasons their unconscious might not be working with the same information. This is often why women can find it difficult to conceive.

Firstly we need to find out what is going on at that deeper level and change any thoughts or belief systems that may be competing with your desired outcome.
We then need to make sure you have all of your energy flowing correctly and in a balanced state so you can relax into a receptive state.

There can be many reasons for why one may be finding it difficult to conceive, getting the energy system and environment working for you is the most important place to start.

Life is energy and you need yours to build another human being inside of you.

Shift your thoughts from what might NOT ever happen to thoughts of what could happen. Which is being pregnant and having a perfectly healthy baby in every respect.
Feed your body with good nutritious food.
Take time each day to visualise what it is you really want, appreciate yourself and what you are trying to do.

I have had the absolute privilege of working with many women who thought they could never have a baby only to thankfully prove themselves wrong.

Never give up, there is always a way.