Another very common feeling experienced by many people in the world today is the feeling of “depression”.

There are countless books, videos, websites and research dedicated to this feeling by many of the world’s leading specialists and celebrities. There are numerous medications, supplements and therapies out there that claims to treat depression and a lot of them do for thousands of people.

From my experience the majority of the systems of the world today devote all their attention and energy to the “condition” when ultimately it should be on the “reason for the condition” My observations helping the many people that have asked for my help reveal that the treatment of depression lies a lot deeper than what is currently available to society today. Through this understanding I have helped and witnessed many people overcome these feelings and regain control of their lives again. The language of emotion and feeling lies within vibration and energy so to treat an emotion you must work with it emotionally.

Applying a cream to your mobile phone will not help if it’s the battery that’s dead.

The point I am trying to make here is that an electrical issue cannot be corrected effectively with a chemical, it must be dealt with electrically.

The question I ask you or anyone who may be feeling depressed is why? For what reason do you feel depression is required in your life? What is its purpose?

When a person asks for help, what they are looking for is help. So when the person seeking that help gets nothing but what they know already how is that helping them?

This information is not good enough and people feeling depressed need the correct information, explanations and treatments to help them feel themselves again. In order for a person to achieve something they have never achieved before they must be willing to do things they have never done before. So is it possible that the answers you are looking for are on another level? If it’s a feeling of depression you have then is it possible that the answer lies on a feeling level? This level is also known as your electrical level or the Unconscious Mind.

Feeling healthy and happy within oneself is something that the majority of people in the world today have difficulty feeling. The reason for this is what they are looking for cannot be found in someone or something else. It is within you.

The answer is, was and always will be you.

The key to feeling happy is Love. It’s that simple. We spend our lives looking for love and looking to be loved by someone or something else other than ourselves but the love we first need to acquire is our own, what society is missing is the language of love. Love is a feeling. A person must love themselves in order for that feeling to emanate into the world to attract another that feels the same about themselves. When these two compatible energies meet they grow and love blossoms. If you are missing your own love in your own heart another person can never fill that void as it is your love that is required. When a person unconsciously feels that they are not loved the energy in that person becomes suppressed, you could even call it being “de-pressed”.

If you could only find where and for what reason your love has become suppressed and get that back there would be no reason for you to feel de-pressed again. This is what I help people to achieve.

I have met thousands of people all over the world who have trusted me enough to ask me for my help on this matter and when these people understand the reasons why they are not being or feeling loved their depression lifts and they begin to feel alive again.

There is no drug, book or supplement on earth that can replace the feeling of love in a person’s heart. So why settle for anything less than the full power and awareness of your own love. It is yours, you deserve it and you can have it.

Happiness is a lot closer than you think.