Why am I so tired?

Chronic Fatigue, M.E (Myalgic Encephalopathy) , Fibromyalgia, Tiredness, Burnout, No Energy, Exhausted etc etc etc………..
These are words that I hear not only in my clinic everyday but also in cafes, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, on the radio and even by young children.
It seems that this term ‘chronic fatigue’ is fast becoming more of a buzz word than a real feeling that has a cause, a reason for existence and a solution.
I hear people all the time speaking about having no energy and always being tired, some people even refer to it as fibromyalgia. A medical condition that many people suffer with today.

It could be forgiven to feel that society is competing with each other to see how poorly they can make themselves feel and how many other people they can get to feel sorry for them at the same time.

However, this is not always the case, this is how a lot of people would choose to think about others who have very low energy levels with no apparent causes but this is not the way to help anyone.
Again I have to stress that there is a reason for every symptom and feeling that a person can have and the healing lies within that understanding.

Many people have no idea why they are so tired all the time, they find it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the mornings, they can’t focus on school, and lose their interests in life and living, many young women experience severe menstrual issues and pains alongside their extreme tiredness. Parents desperately looking to help their children get back on their feet can unknown to themselves deepen the issue by telling their child to get outside and play or just get over it, they often revert to the story of their past by saying ” when i was your age i had to milk the cows and do the jobs on the farm before going to school and I just had to do it, I didn’t have time to get tired like you are now” One must be extremely mindful when speaking to a child like this. We must try to understand that our child’s issue of the present moment may be something we know nothing about. Instead what I have found to work a lot better is to believe your child, ask them how they really feel and what do they feel would benefit them most at this time. We need to remember that every person is going through experiences in their lives and deep within their minds all the time that we know absolutely nothing about so be mindful of this, as the human race has become a very sensitive organism where the incorrect words at the wrong time can do more harm than good.

With very few answers out there on the reasons why people feel so tired, medication, diet and sometimes psychotherapy are recommended to help sort their issues out. With this advice being of benefit to some people there is still room for more.
The only limiting aspect to this approach is that people’s focus, energy and attention goes on sorting the “issue” out and not where it needs to be, which is understanding the reasons for the symptoms.
Remember “the answer is, was and always will be you” so only you can sort these issues out, all you need to know is “their purpose in your life”

If a person is chronically fatigued then they must be over exerting themselves on some level. If it is not the physical level then it must be on one of the many other levels of the body and mind.
Emotions, toxic shock, trauma, GeoPathic stress, fear and anxiety are all possible reasons for fatigue but as these are issues of the mind and energy body they are not dealt with adequately in the current system.
We need to embrace the fact that in order to achieve a holistic person we have to work with a holistic approach which encompasses all the aspects of a human being, not just the physical and chemical aspects. This understandably is not enough.

It really does make me stop and think sometimes hearing how poorly some people speak about themselves. Some people actually speak about themselves in ways they would never speak about anyone or anything else.
It doesn’t surprise me to find these people feel so fatigued as they spend most of their time and energy complaining to themselves about themselves.
What is missing is the vital understanding and the correct language of the mind and body to empower people to not fear their symptoms but to embrace and listen to them so we can begin to evolve from where we are now to where we want to be.
If I told you that your body and mind listens to everything you say and think and forms your life’s experiences and world around you based on these words and thoughts, would you still be saying and thinking those things about yourself?