Why do I feel so anxious?

For a number of years of my life I experienced what many people now call Anxiety.
It became the handbrake in my life. I used to love playing sports but when it came to playing in front of people my body began to shake , my thoughts ran wild, my hands got sweaty and I couldn’t think of anything better than to run and hide.
This became the norm in most situations when I interacted with people growing up and even into my teenage and later years. As most of you I’m sure reading this felt and still feel the same way that this is incredibly overpowering and exhausting on the body and mind. It feels like your life is being controlled by something other than you.


Your life is being run by your thoughts and by the information that is imprinted on your unconscious mind. You may have been told or even felt once upon a time years ago by someone at home or at school that you were “no good” or “you’re not good enough to play on our team” someone may have looked at you with a displeased face that made you feel beneath them for some reason, this possibly made you feel afraid, worried, anxious or even depressed. What’s interesting to note here is that every experience that you encounter, be it physical, emotional or otherwise is photographed by the unconscious mind and stored for you to look back on in order to learn and evolve.

We unfortunately have never been correctly advised on how this process works and instead tend to judge and overthink these situations instead. You see, your most powerful and emotionalized thoughts are what become imprinted onto the deeper part of your mind and these control the outcomes in your life. Learning this might now help you to better understand why the life you are currently living may not be the life you have always wanted. Thought is a tool that you can learn to control and those that control their thoughts, control their life.

Think about it for a second, how you have responded to every moment in your life has led you to right here right now,

So, how do you feel right now?

If you are looking at “right now” through the traumas, memories and thoughts of your past then you know that you are not here “right now” instead you are still back there, looking at everything you do every day through the memories of your past.

Health and wellness occurs when you are present without the negative thoughts of the past. The same can also be said for the future. Most people are either in one of two places, they are stuck dwelling on their past or stuck worrying about their future.

What is ironic about this dilemma is that if we look at it simply, both worrying about your past and future are both done in the same place, NOW!!

There is no secret to living a happy life, life is life and living is living. If we do this with all the thoughts and emotions of the past and fears and worries of the future then how we feel while living our life will become a mix of anxiety fear and depression.
However if we can learn to stay present and live life without the mental slideshow of the past and future we would feel happy and free living our life.

The past has gone and the future is yet to come so if you can grasp what I am about to tell you in the next few seconds you may correct your so-called anxiety and most other issues in your life immediately.

Stop thinking about the negative experiences in your past, instead draw a positive learning from them. Stop giving your attention, awareness and energy to what may never occur in your future and instead focus on the outcomes you truly want for yourself. Do this when you are present without opposing thoughts and you will never need a reason to feel anxious again.