Soul Separation


From my experience one of the main reasons that we as humans have what we call “issues” in our lives is due to becoming separated from our true authentic self, our soul. Your soul or that spark of divinity that you are is what gives your body, your human animation.
The term “Human Being” is often used to describe what we are but I invite you to look a little closer. You notice that the word human is preceded by the word being and it seems that we have forgotten the importance and authenticity of this aspect of what we have become.
Most of our attention is focused on the human part of our existence and so little if any focused attention is given to our being.
To be is the ability to exist in the present moment. To experience life as it is without filtering it through any judgement measure or perception.
To be human then would be to exist without any thought that intends to put meaning on what it is you are experiencing. To experience life without the filter or distraction of description and nomination. To be one with your environment void of all separation. To use our human to express our souls purpose, our spirit, here on this planet

This is the first separation that we go through when coming into human form when we are conceived. We go from being into human being, or being human.
From there we developed into what has namely been designated as an embryo to a fetus to a baby at birth.
This incredibly early separation albeit extremely infinitesimal when compared to other aspects of separation in life is extremely important and in my experience paramount in the effective development of any human striving to be.