A lost womb twin, miscarriage and abortion


A very delicate and sensitive area that is rarely spoken about openly and processed effectively is the area around the loss of a wombtwin, miscarriage and abortion.
As difficult as it is to not only try come to terms with personally it can be even more difficult to revisit and speak about it at a later date.
From my experience this is exactly what needs to happen.

This unprocessed trauma can have a dramatic effect on people’s lives, their health and their happiness and for healing to occur around these experiences effective recognition, acceptance and integration is required.

On the physical and emotional level these experiences are extremely difficult to deal with for the families and people involved but on a spiritual and energetic level they are even more traumatizing than people may ever even realize.

When thinking about a baby growing in the womb most of our attention from the outside is focused on the physical and emotional aspects of the process but we must understand that the spiritual aspect of that child is just as if not more important.

I invite you to ask yourself these few questions and when you do I would ask you to pay close attention to the thoughts that come to mind, the feelings you sense in yourself and the emotions that you begin to feel in your body.

Where does that life force, that energy, that spirit, where does that soul that gives your growing baby animation come from?
What was that energy/spirit doing before it came into being occupying the life form that is now your baby?
Who is that energy/spirit and what are it’s needs not just on the physical and emotional levels but on its spiritual level also?
You see this is the baby’s spirit, the baby’s soul.
It is the spark and essence of the baby that gives its physical form LIFE.

When we ask ourselves these types of questions many people feel a depth to themselves they may never have noticed before.
These types of questions often awaken our own soul as they are deeper questions that transcend the physical body.

When it comes to the loss of a twin in the womb, a miscarriage or an abortion we need to consider that spirit that resided in the baby here also.

In this image you see an elephant with her two young calves. These calves symbolize the conscious part of life. The physical aspects of who we are and the physical association we have with our children.
Now if you look a little closer you may come to notice the not so obvious unborn calf still inside the mother’s womb.
This symbolizes the unconscious part to life. The non physical, the spiritual aspect of who we are and the spiritual association we have with our children.

The unseen, unacknowledged, unprocessed aspects of ourselves and our life’s experiences are those that hold our deepest learnings and most solemn truths. We must venture within to unlock that potential of who we really are, to learn the truth that shall set us free.

I have worked with so many women who have gone through these experiences where nearly all report in some way that they always had a feeling there was something missing or there was unfinished business when it came to that part of their lives but just didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know if there was anything that could be done or if anything should be done, instead have lived with these unanswered questions in their minds since.

Just finding out that a person was a womb twin can have such a huge impact on their lives and can feel like a huge weight has been lifted off them. Imagine carrying another energy/spirit around with you all your life and all of a sudden you feel it lift, it’s as if you feel your own spirit again.
Some people have said that they never really felt like themselves or “I don’t feel myself”
Then it makes sense to ask the question, who do they feel like if not themselves?

No matter the circumstances that occurred where a child was lost their spirit needs to be recognized, integrated and apologized to in some cases then set free to return home. This process is not only required and helpful for the spirit of the baby but for the mother and possible children to follow also.

There may be miscarriages, womb twins, abortion’s, trauma, loss and grief going back through the generations in families that need clearing in order for people today to truly be free. So you can begin to see the depth at which trauma and old hurt exist in our ancestral past. The more we can learn, unlearn and relearn about our history the more clearly will be able to live our present and look forward to our future.
This is a very sensitive and can often be an emotionally taxing process for people but when we work to free the spirit amazing things can happen.

As the spiritual conversation is not such a hot topic for people today and isn’t a regular appearance on magazine stands or social media platforms the human mind of this and many previous generations have had very little to no exposure of the true meaning and nature of the human spirit.

When our exposure to spirit is so little then our perception of life becomes one with very little spirit in it.
This is not wrong nor right, it simply is the way it is.
I would just call it unfortunate that people today have so little understanding of their spirit as this really is the true version of themselves and by paying more attention to it it pays more attention to you.

Remember and this is very important, there is no one to blame for this and there is certainly no change going to come from feeling guilty in relation to any of this either.
We don’t know what we don’t know.
However we can learn from our past, we can evolve our awareness and understanding and we can apply this in a constructive way to help people move forward without judgement but with love.

Just imagine, there is a part of you that knows more than you have ever known seeking to communicate with you all the time, all we need do is listen.
It could be the most beautiful connection you could ever make.