What We Do

The treatment works by interacting with the client’s unconscious mind through unique methods Jeff has acquired and developed throughout his life. The client is awake and fully aware of everything that is happening and the whole process is explained to you in a very informative and easy to understand fashion.


By interacting with the deeper part of a person’s mind, incredibly accurate information can be quickly identified about the specific areas of the person’s life that needs their attention.


You see, what is most important for people to be aware of is, the quality of information that is currently imprinted on the deeper parts of their minds, as this creates their life’s realities.

What needs to be understood

What needs to be understood however is that the information located is on the client’s unconscious mind, meaning it is not conscious to them. It’s as simple as “you know what you know but you don’t know what you don’t know”


The leading cause of people’s ill health and troubles in their lives is down to not knowing: not knowing why the problems are there, not knowing the cause and not knowing what to do next. This then creates a negative thought process that perpetuates into the deeper mind creating further negative outcomes for the person.

There can be a very distinct difference between what we think is causing the problems in our lives and what is actually causing them.

It is important to note that the mind and body must be connected and communicating with each other in order to achieve optimum health.

Mind body

The body is like a computer

The body is like a computer and the mind if you will is like the software of that computer, so you can see from this analogy that if your software (your mind) is not up to date or if there is information blocked due to shock then your computer (your body) cannot function at its optimum state.


It is Jeff’s goal is to help you to understand the reasons why this has happened and to help re-establish this mind/body inner power connection.