Weight Loss

Ask yourself this…
What is the kind of weight you are trying to lose?
Is your goal to lose weight or to lose weight to feel better about yourself? Yes, there is a difference.
Is it the physical weight of your material body or is it the emotional weight of your feelings based on how your body looks to you?

Believe it or not most people have such a negative perception of themselves and their bodies that no matter how good they actually look it will never be enough to make them happy.
Isn’t it funny how you are reading this article at this very moment and your body is right now of no major concern, but now if i asked you to stand up in front of a mirror or take a photo of yourself you might immediately begin to feel uncomfortable. Why is that?
When you look at yourself in a mirror what you are actually looking at is not you, it is an image/reflection of you that you are seeing through your eyes using a particular level of perception based on what you would like to see.
Thanks to advertising and the media we have been bombarded with images of men and women with tanned sculpted muscular bodies wearing the most revealing clothing ever fabricated and we are sold the ideology that this is what beauty looks like. Now, when you look at your body in the mirror and your pre memorised images of what the media sold you doesn’t match what you see then automatically you feel upset.
We see not with our eyes but through them. We look at the world through what we have learned in our past and project that onto our reality. Imagine how comfortable we all would feel with our bodies if there were no eyes to see us.
The true battle most people have with their bodies is their self image. It’s how we see ourselves.
And if how we see is mostly through our past experiences then to really see the new you, you are going to have to get beyond the old you and create the person you wish to see in your future now.
Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning and absolutely loved the person looking back at you? Hmm, That’s interesting, because the second you decide to love what you see, what you see will love you.
So you see that the battle you may have is not in fact with your body but with your mind, the part of you that controls your body.
It makes sense then to change the image of yourself mentally and the body will follow suit.
How many times have you trained and dieted only to get nowhere on the scale then got yourself all worked up and upset over the lack of results thinking it was a giant waste of time? But why then when a person passes you by and compliments you on how great you look you feel amazing?
Even though a moment ago you were certain your weight hadn’t changed and it was all a giant waste of time? All it took was a few words from someone else to change your perception and immediately this changed how you were feeling.
Learn how to think, think the best thoughts about yourself and feel the change almost instantly.
This is the way to truly feel happy within yourself.
Remember you are not the body , you lie within the body.
The saying is not to “be happy with your skin”, its to “be happy in it”.