Throughout my life I have witnessed hundreds if not thousands of people mostly children being labelled with words that most do not even understand. In my experience, to call a person especially a child by anything but his or her own name is not only unfair and discriminatory but is also very damaging. For example a child diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can very easily have this label attached to them for the rest of their lives but is it really that necessary?

Let’s look at it another way – if a child is having difficulty paying attention in school due to being in a hyperactive state does this justify anyone to say that this child has a disorder?
I’m sure we have all had times where we couldn’t or didn’t want to pay attention to what we were doing or being asked to do. I’m sure many of us have been a little hyper when we were trying to study, listening to someone speak or even watching a movie but surely this doesn’t warrant a label stating that we have a disorder does it?
Is it not acceptable anymore to simply be not interested in certain things?
A child may not even be able to pay attention the way it’s teachers, doctors or parents might wish them to but this isn’t always the child’s fault. This is often a “reaction” to something the child is experiencing.
If a child has an unknown allergy to a common food for example the chemicals released by the brain can send a child into a hyperactive state to burn off the excess stress hormones released to fight what the body deems to be a pathogen. If that food happens to be what he/she ate for breakfast then of course the child won’t be able to pay attention as its body is in a state of emergency and hyperactivity is the brain’s own natural response to that emergency.

So instead of a disorder this child could have an allergy, easily corrected with the application of the correct information. It has been my experience that no matter what label a man woman or child is given there is a reason for its being. Something so small can have a huge effect and reaction within a person’s body.
There can be any number of causes to a condition or label but we must be willing to go all the way to find them. Labels and medication aren’t good enough.
The future lies within the children of today so we must look deeper. There is always a reason so there is always a way.

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