Lost Soul

Do you ever feel lost, Like you don’t fit in, Like a Lost soul?

You’re not alone and more importantly you’re not lost.

So many times I see people who tell me they feel like a “lost soul”. I often find that these very people are those very sensitive souls that by their very nature feel a lot more than most. Their age can vary from very young children to adults who never felt themselves. Due to this deep connection with feeling they can often become confused, distracted and even upset with the outside world of things as what they are feeling might not resonate with their current circumstances.

As human beings when we feel something inside ourselves our brain wakes up and pays attention to our outside world and records the stimulus that created that feeling, this is what we call a memory. For example, as you take that first sip out of your cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop first thing in the morning and it tastes amazingly smooth and smells blissfully aromatic, you feel all happy inside right? Your brain registers that happy feeling and records the stimulus “the coffee” that created the feeling. Now your brain keeps a record of that experience on file and it is titled “Coffee makes me feel happy”.

This all sounds very normal but if you happen to be a very sensitive person you can also pick up on other feelings, emotions and thoughts that you didn’t even create and were not aware of. This could simply be the mood of the person in front or behind you. You could be in line in your favorite coffee shop and all of a sudden you become irate or a little angry for no apparent reason. The coffee can even taste different to what you remember. If this happened to be your 9am cup of coffee on a monday morning on your way into work then today could be a very long day.

As you can see here from this example as you felt irate and angry your brain again peaked up and paid attention to what caused that feeling and all it saw was possibly the person in front of you or even the simple cup of coffee in your hand. Now the reason for your angry feelings is that person or that cup of coffee. How can this be? How can your favorite coffee from your favorite shop be the reason you’re angry? The problem with this is that your brain identified a possible cause for the change in feelings in your external environment but it may not be the one that triggered the change in you, what if the change came from somewhere else, what if it came from within?

We are all constantly sending and receiving information that we are not consciously aware of and sometimes this information can become conscious to us. If we cannot understand where it came from or what it means then we give it meaning based on what we know from our past experiences. This can knock us out of balance as the information we are receiving may not be the same as the information we pulled from our past to give it meaning.

This feeling can present itself as “not knowing what you want to do in school or as a job” , feeling left out and thinking we have no friends, being excluded from things that other people your age are invited to. All of these create further worry and stress which add to the imbalance in our minds and bodies, eventually this leads to some form of illness.

Just like a mother’s intuition, people can and do pick up on the feelings, thoughts and emotions from others. This is a very important and powerful asset to us as humans as it allows us to get a better understanding of ourselves and our world. As this has never been taught to us growing up it can become very confusing when we begin to feel greater levels of information beyond what our physical senses can perceive. This is what leads many of us into a world of depression, anxiety and fear.

However, when you begin to learn how to pay attention to these deeper levels of information you begin to understand their meaning. As knowledge dispels fear and fear is what makes us feel like a Lost Soul then the more aware you become of what you feel the better you know where you stand.

And you can’t be a lost soul when your soul knows where it stands.