Aisling Costello – Limerick

I can honestly put my life into two parts… before Jeff and after Jeff.


Before I went to see Jeff I was a girl who outwardly would have been described as happy, friendly and sociable. Inwardly I was depressed, anxious, fearful and worst of all I had this negative voice in my head that told me I was never going to be any better, that my life was never going to be any better. When something or someone hurt me I told myself that I deserved this pain, that I was not worthy of happiness. This was all in spite of having wonderful loving parents and a very privileged childhood which I am so gratefulfor.

After meeting Jeff on the 15th of January 2014, everything changed. I am now a girl who is very happy, friendly and sociable but the difference is I now feel this on the inside too. The negative voice has been replaced with a voice that loves and respects me. Jeff was my first step on this journey and I can say without doubt it is not a step I could have taken without him. He understood how I felt my whole life without me having to say a word and in one 45 minute session changed my life forever. Jeff has given service to others his whole life and to be in his presence is truly to be in the presence of someone very special. Words cannot do justice for what Jeff has done for me over the last three years but those are just a few.


Your friend always,