Birth Trauma


What is Birth Trauma?

Birth trauma or birth shock is often represented as the shock a mother goes through during the birth process of her child and how this trauma or shock affects the baby.

Mothers can be under extreme stress during the birth of a child for any number of reasons. They can be under physical, mental or emotional stress and most of the time they are under all three at the same time.

Worry about the delivery, feeling unsupported, fear of the unknown especially for first time mothers, there may also be physical issues the mother is dealing with.

Pain where pain management is required is also a worry as a lot of mothers might not want to take medication during this process.

The list of worries and stress a mother in labour can have are endless and they are all fully understandable.

Any stress that the mother is under can be felt and experienced by the baby on many levels, most importantly the unconscious one so the question needs to be asked here: what about the child?, how much does the child actually feel and how will this affect that child when it is born?

What about the child?

From working with so many struggling infants and children over the years I have come to understand that there is a level of our children’s needs that go unmet in the majority of cases.

This unmet need is an unconscious need of feeling safe and the main reason for this is

“birth trauma”

When a child is born it’s energetic system and nervous system is extremely sensitive as you can imagine.

They are moving through an evolutionary step in their lives by coming from the safety of their mothers womb where they were being nurtured, loved and carefully cared for; into a span new world for them where they will for the first time become separated from that previously known and trusted environment when the umbilical cord is cut.


Before this life giving and safety supporting connection is severed the child must complete the process of coming into this world. It must now complete the final stage of its metamorphosis from its conception through its supported role of being a baby in its mother’s womb to a new wholesome entity expressing its own life force independent of its mother life giving energy.


The birth process

The birth process or how a child is “delivered” is an extremely important experience for the child.

Understandably this can be, as a lady once described it so poetically to me “an unbelievably tough, emotional, blissful, horrendously painful, amazing, life altering experience” for a woman to go through.

And she’s right.

But again I have to stress the importance of while the mother is having her experience with her way of expressing herself the child being born is also having his or her own personal experience and they also have a specific way of expressing how they feel about the whole thing.

As a newborn has not been educated to communicate with words just yet it relies on the age-old universal communication techniques of emotion and feelings to express how they feel.

Just like a mother has her intuition so too does a child and they are so adept in this form of communication as this is all they have ever known.

We adults on the other hand have been educated out of this type of ancient language / communication and now use the spoken language mostly. This is why we often miss the queues the child is trying to tell us in the very early year of life.


When this occurs the issues and needs of that child go unmet and every need feels urgent to a baby. The child must then adapt and develop other ways of getting the appropriate attention it needs to fulfill its needs.

This new and effective communication is what I call “symbolic behaviour”.

A child is effectively communicating telepathically and to the person who does not have any understanding or awareness of this level of communication it can be as if a child is really saying nothing at all.


A thought to ponder which I find quite transcending to ask yourself is, who was it that created me? How did I grow so perfectly without any education? Where did that knowing come from?

How did I design and develop such an incredibly complicated nervous system, brain, heart, immune system, organs, bones, blood supply and consciousness all in the confines of my mother’s womb in the same amount of time it takes most people to grow their hair 5 inches?


When we stop to really think about the incredible feat of creation a newborn child really is we begin to understand that there is an intelligence within us that we are not fully if at all aware of that can create a child in 9 months without we, the parent having any idea about how it actually happens.

This really is the miracle of life and to become aware of this incredible intelligence is the first step in unlocking the truth and power of who you really are.


What causes birth trauma

There can be any number of reasons as to how a child can be traumatized no matter how severe it may appear to anyone else.

What a child experiences itself is analyzed in its own unique way so to judge the severity of a trauma for another child or person for that matter will not be accurate to that individual’s particular understanding.

Some ways a child can experience trauma at birth is:

  • C-Section delivery
  • Cord around the neck
  • Forecepts
  • Suction
  • Premature birth
  • Very quick or long labour / delivery
  • Parental stress pre birth
  • Environmental stress
  • Toxic exposure (heavy metals, radiation, antibiotics, vaccinations, alcohol, drugs, excessive use of stimulants)
  • Emotionally suppressed or repressed trauma of the mother
  • Unsafe living environment perceived by the mother during pregnancy


As you can see there are many reasons a child can experience trauma and there are many other types of trauma also.

The most important thing to note from all this is that this type of trauma can be corrected and released from the child’s mind.

Once a child can be communicated with effectively of the same level or frequency it communicates and understands from then incredible change can occur.


Why does this happen

As human beings we all have an energy system.

This system relays information to our nervous system which in turn informs our brain of what is going on in our world.

If the experience is registered as threatening then the innate protecting mechanism of our body’s kicks in.

Our stress hormones increase and we move into a fight or flight reactive state until such time we accept the stress to be over. We then return back to homeostasis.

However if the trauma is on the unconscious level we can live in a constant state of fight or flight without knowing it and only over time will the effects of this become apparent.

This is where symptoms come from.

They are the body’s means of informing you of an imbalance between your perception of your environment and the reality of it.


When birth trauma is experienced the child’s energy system can be affected and this sudden drop in energy triggers the protective response in the brain as a drop in life force energy is perceived as a threat to life and the body needs to protect itself.


As these unconscious and subtle things occur to babies it is near impossible to notice them happen as they can all be happening on an unconscious level and medicine works with the conscious level of life mostly.


So from this understanding you can begin to see why we have so many newborn babies being born under stress over burdened with unconscious trauma and experiencing symptoms like colic, reflux, sweating, tummy issues, constant crying and a general look of discomfort and pain on their face.


We must look deeper for our children’s sake.

For when we go deeper we uncover the real answers to life’s questions.